Date Event Venue
october 9–12, 2022 International forum ‘Public-private partnership in the field of sustainable development of indigenous peoples’ Murmansk
october 18–21, 2022 International Research-to-Practice Conference ‘Universe of the Polar Bear’ Anadyr or Egvekinot
october 20–21, 2022 International Forum on Specially Protected Natural Reservations in the Arctic Yakutsk
october 28, 2022 International Research-to-Practice Conference ‘Security and Safety Service in Russia: Experience, Problems, Prospects. The Arctic as a Region of Strategic Interests: Legal Policy and Today’s Security and Safety Technologies in the Arctic Region’ St. Petersburg
october 2022 UArctic Congress Moscow
october 2022 Conference of Chambers of Commerce and Industry Syktyvkar
october 2022 International Seminar on Cross-Border Cooperation in the Arctic Murmansk
october-november 2022 ‘The Polar Games’ All-Russian Sports Contest of the Peoples of Russia’s North, in memory of I.L. Shpektor Vorkuta, Republic of Komi
november 2, 2022 Summit of the Indigenous Small-Numbered Peoples of the Arctic Moscow
november 14–18, 2022 Arctic Council International Youth Model Arkhangelsk
november 19-20, 2022 Conference ‘National Megaproject in the Arctic: Staffing and Scientific Support’ Arkhangelsk
november 22-25, 2022 ‘The Russian North’ Indigenous Youth Forum Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District
november 28–30, 2022 Northern Sustainable Development Forum Yakutsk
november 2022 Factory of Northern Brands – a special competitive nomination at the Spirit of Fire international film festival for Arctic Council member countries Khanty-Mansiysk
november, 2022 Track ‘Social and Cultural Initiatives and the Best Non-Commercial Projects in Creative Entrepreneurship’ as part of the 60th Parallel Forum of Civic Initiatives Khanty-Mansiysk
november 2022 Barents Bird Cultural Festival Murmansk Region
november 2022 5th International Scientific and Practical Conference ‘Arctic Telemedicine’ Naryan-Mar
november 2022 International Exhibition and Fair of Achievements in the Area of Culture and Traditional Economic Activities of the Indigenous Small-Numbered Peoples of the North Murmansk
november 2022 Arctic Council Youth Creativity Festival Arkhangelsk
november 2022 ‘Northern Character’ Film Festival Murmansk Region
december 2022 4th Northern Cultural Forum Syktyvkar
III–IV quarter 2022 Conference on the Development of the Northern Sea Route and Sustainable Shipping in the Arctic as part of an Expedition by the Pallada Sailing Ship Port of Pevek, Pallada Sailing Ship
IV quarter 2022 International Festival of Indigenous Youth of the Arctic Region Salekhard
IV quarter 2022 Arctic Coast Guard Forum Salekhard
march-april, 2023 5th Arctic Northern Cultural Forum Salekhard
april 2023 Interagency experimental research exercise by manpower and resources of the Unified State System for the Prevention and Elimination of Emergency Situations in the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation (Safe Arctic 2023) Regions of the Russian Federation within the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation
2023 Roundtable ‘Implementation of the ‘Children of the Arctic’ International Project’ Dudinka
2023 100 Arctic Crafts and Products Exhibition Norilsk, Dudinka
2022–2023 A comprehensive expedition with the participation of scientists from Russian and international research centres to explore the high latitudes of the Arctic Ocean on the ice-resistant self propelled platform North Pole

Past events

Date Event Venue
september 5–11, 2022 Eastern Economic Forum Vladivostok
16–18 august 2022 ‘The Arctic. Breaking the Ice’ Russian Forum and Festival Usinsk
august 10–14, 2022 Northern Professions Skills Championship Murmansk
august 2–7, 2022 ‘Bering Strait’ International Festival Anadyr – Cape Dezhnev
july 25–26, 2022 Conference ‘Raising Submerged Radioactive and Dangerous Objects in the Seas of the Arctic Ocean’ Murmansk
july 20, 2022 Conference on Waste and the Problem of Microplastics in the Arctic Moscow
july 16–17, 2022 ‘Teriberka’ Arctic Festival Teriberka, Murmansk Region
june 24 – july 14, 2022 International Maritime Arctic Educational and Scientific Expeditions ‘Training-through-Research’ on Research Vessels Arkhangelsk – Kolguyev Island – Vaygach Island – Russkaya Gavan (Novaya Zemlya) – Oransky Islands – Cape Zhelaniya (Novaya Zemlya) – Ledyanaya Gavan (Novaya Zemlya) – Sosnovets Island – Arkhangelsk
july 7–8, 2022 Conference on Adapting to Climate Change in the Arctic St. Petersburg
june 29, 2022 – july 1, 2022 St. Petersburg International Legal Forum St. Petersburg
june 26 – july 1, 2022 Student Summit on Preserving and Supporting the Ecology of the Arctic Region Arkhangelsk
june 15–18, 2022 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum St. Petersburg
june 15, 2022 The Heart of Yugra exhibition
june 15-18, 2022 ‘Creative Industries of the North’ at the Creative Business Forum during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2022 St. Petersburg, EXPOFORUM
june 15, 2022 International Workshop on Shipbuilding and Ship Repair in the Arctic (on the sidelines of SPIEF 2022) St. Petersburg, EXPOFORUM
june 15, 2022 Conference on the Development of Telecommunications and Digitalization in the Arctic (on the sidelines of SPIEF 2022) St. Petersburg, EXPOFORUM
june 1–3, 2022 Conference on Human Health Preservation in the Arctic Arkhangelsk
may 25–27, 2022 Young Scientists Forum ‘Russia in the Arctic Dialogue: Global and Local Contexts’ Arkhangelsk
may 23–29, 2022 International Festival of Social and Environmental Films ‘Northern Character: Green Screen’ Norilsk Nickel (Russia), Kirkenes (Norway)
may 22–25, 2022 ‘Arctic: Territory of Development’ Conference on Ensuring a Comfortable Urban Environment Yakutsk
may 17–18, 2022 International Scientific Conference of Students and Postgraduates ‘Problems of the Arctic Region’ Murmansk
march 16–18, 2022 International Seminar on the Preservation and Promotion of the Languages of the Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic St. Petersburg, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia
february 15–16, 2022 International Conference ‘The Arctic: Developments from the Perspective of the Humanities’ Moscow, Marriott Grand Hotel
december 9–15, 2021 ‘Explore Yamal’ international volunteer expedition Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug
december 10–11, 2021 Gastronomic Festival of Northern Cuisine Moscow
december 6-9, 2021 AC Young Leaders Forum Salekhard
december 2–3, 2021 Development of Small Aircraft in the Arctic Moscow
december 1–2, 2021 The first plenary meeting of the Arctic Council under the Russian Chairmanship Salekhard
november 18, 2021 The Senior Arctic Research Coordination Officials meeting Moscow
november 15–16, 2021 Conference on recruiting personnel for the Arctic Arkhangelsk
october 26–28, 2021 Sustainable Development Working Group Moscow
october 25–26, 2021 The International Conference on Bioremediation of Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystems of the Arctic Coast Moscow
october 21, 2021 ‘Children of the Arctic’ International Project Naryan-Mar
october 14–17, 2021 Arctic Circle Assembly Reykjavik, Iceland
october 14, 2021 The Green Energy in the Arctic Conference Moscow
september 29–30, 2021 Nordic Business Forum Helsinki, Finland
september 21–24, 2021 The International Conference and Exhibition for Oil and Gas Resources Development of the Russian Arctic and Continental Shelf RAO/CIS Offshore 2021 St. Petersburg
august 21-22, 2021 The 6th Teriberka Arctic Festival Teriberka, Murmansk Region
june 3, 2021 Meeting of the Arctic Economic Council St. Petersburg
may 2021 Arctic Business Forum Rovaniemi, Finland
may 20, 2021 12th Ministerial Session of the AС Reykjavik, Iceland
may 15–18, 2021 UArctic Congress Reykjavik, Iceland
april 21–22, 2021 High North Dialogue Bodø, Norway
february, 2021 Kirkenes Conference Kirkenes, Norway
february 1–4, 2021 Arctic Frontiers Forum Tromsø, Norway
december 10–12, 2020 The Arctic: Today and the Future International Forum St. Petersburg
november 30, 2020 Arctic Talks: On New Measures to Bolster Enterprise in the Arctic Region of the Russian Online
november 27–30, 2020 The Arctic Shipping Forum London
november 25–27, 2020 The Arctic Days in Moscow Forum Moscow
september 17, 2020 Russia on the Arctic Council. St. Petersburg's Potential St. Petersburg
june 4, 2020 Arctic Tourism: New Challenges for Business Kommersant Publishing