Cultural Programme

Date Event Venue
november 13–19, 2023 ‘Northern Character’ Film Festival Murmansk, Tromso, Lulea

Past events

Date Event Venue
july 15–16, 2023 ‘Teriberka’ Arctic Festival Teriberka, Murmansk Region
june 14–17, 2023 ‘Soul of Russia’ International Festival of the Peoples of the North St. Petersburg, EXPOFORUM
may 6–7, 2023 ‘The Power of Colour’ Festival Kirovsk
march 3–6, 2023 ‘Soul of Russia. The North’ – a sociocultural event as part of the official cultural programme of the Spirit of Fire International Film Festival Khanty-Mansiysk
february 13–15, 2023 4th Arctic Northern Cultural Forum Salekhard
november 21–22, 2022 Track ‘Social and Cultural Initiatives and Best Non-Profit Projects in Creative Entrepreneurship’ as part of the ‘Civil Initiatives of the 60th Parallel Regions’ International Humanitarian Forum #WeAreTogether Kogalym
november 14–20, 2022 ‘Northern Character’ Film Festival Murmansk
september 5–11, 2022 Creative Business Forum. Sociocultural Development of the Northern Regions Vladivostok
july 16–17, 2022 ‘Teriberka’ Arctic Festival Teriberka, Murmansk Region
june 15, 2022 The Heart of Yugra exhibition
may 23–29, 2022 International Festival of Social and Environmental Films ‘Northern Character: Green Screen’ Norilsk Nickel (Russia), Kirkenes (Norway)
december 10–11, 2021 Gastronomic Festival of Northern Cuisine Moscow
august 21–22, 2021 The 6th Teriberka Arctic Festival Teriberka, Murmansk Region
august 17–18, 2023 ‘Far East Street’ Exhibition of Indigenous Peoples Vladivostok
august 4–11, 2023 ‘Bering Strait’ International Festival Chukotka Autonomous District