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Past events

Date Event Venue
june 26–29, 2023 Fact-Finding Trip by Representatives of the Diplomatic Corps to the Regions of the Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation Murmansk
may 10–11, 2023 13th meeting of the Arctic Council Salekhard
february 8, 2023 Protocol meeting of representatives of the Organizing Committee for Russia’s chairmanship in the Arctic Council with the heads of diplomatic missions from Latin American and Persian Gulf countries Moscow
september 7, 2022 Meeting of the Arctic Economic Council Vladivostok
june 29 – july 1, 2022 St. Petersburg International Legal Forum St. Petersburg
june 15–18, 2022 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum St. Petersburg
december 1–2, 2021 The first plenary meeting of the Arctic Council under the Russian Chairmanship Salekhard
november 18, 2021 The Senior Arctic Research Coordination Officials meeting Moscow
june 3, 2021 Meeting of the Arctic Economic Council St. Petersburg
may 20, 2021 12th Ministerial Session of the AС Reykjavik, Iceland
september 17, 2020 Russia on the Arctic Council. St. Petersburg's Potential St. Petersburg